Shifting market dynamics and regulations accelerated by the pandemic have necessitated the recalibration of CIB’s strategy and execution tactics. The Bank thus expedited its digital transformation efforts and adop-tion of an agile operating model. Its client-centric approach and dynamic strategic pivot allows it to lead the market and ultimately drive value for both customers and shareholders. CIB is keenly aware of the integral role artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud, and data play in the banking industry. As such, the Bank has invested heavily in upgrading its infra-structure, digitizing and automating its products and services to streamline customer experience, utilizing data analytics for decision-making, and developing employees’ skillsets to match changing business needs and emerging trends.

Through agility and integrity, the Bank efficiently allocates and utilizes its resources to best serve its strategic priorities. Despite macroeconomic uncer-tainties, CIB is focused on creating both financial and non-financial value for all its stakeholders— from shareholders to customers, employees to the communities it serves.



To be at the forefront of change, building for the future, and turning aspirations into reality



To transform traditional financial services into simple and accessible solutions by investing in people, data, and digitalization to serve tomorrow’s needs today

Based on its mission and vision statements, CIB’s strategy focuses on the following growth drivers:

Our Values

  • Customers first
  • Lead the market
  • Agility
  • Integrity

Our Pillars

  • Segmentation: developing innovative products tailored to the customer’s needs while relying on behavioral analysis
  • Customer Experience: leveraging behavioral analytics and technology to improve customer experience
  • Operational Efficiency: ensuring a streamlined approach to provide an exceptional customer experience through process re-engineering and straight-through processing
  • Digitalization of the Customer Journey – developing our digital capabilities and transactional banking

Core Business

CIB’s strategy focuses on strengthening its core business by enhancing operational efficiency and expanding its local reach to serve current and potential customers in the corporate, SME, and retail segments, while simultaneously tapping into financial inclusion opportunities. Focus will continue to be on data analytics, digital channels, and behavioral segmentation to create unique value propositions with individual needs in mind. CIB’s projected growth in its customer base and number of processed transactions will be more reliant on investments in digital channels and innovative solutions to enhance customer experience and lower transactional costs. To minimize operational costs and efficiently serve low-income segments, product offerings and customer interactions will be conducted through alternative channels—the Bank’s e-wallet, digital platforms, and ATMs network. This will allow CIB to expand its reach across Egypt, sustainably onboard previously unbanked individuals, and source analysis of viable new business opportunities. The distribution and acquisition strategy will be based on further analyzing customer demographics using data analytics to identify appropriate locations, awareness campaigns, and service offerings.

Responsible Banking

Considering its leading position in the Egyptian banking sector, CIB is committed to operating sustainably and responsibly, not only to drive value for all stakeholders but also to lead by example in the sector in which it operates. CIB is keenly aware of the environmental, social, and economic impacts of the Bank’s operations and portfolio. It works actively to drive economic value and job creation through its financial inclusion efforts and seeks to become a climate positive and carbon neutral bank by preventing, mitigating, or reducing the negative social and environmental impacts of its direct operations, supply chain, and lending portfolio. At the same time, CIB offers innovative and preferentially priced green financing products with an eye to becoming Egypt’s leading green bank.

Organizational Development

Human capital development continues to play a vital role in CIB’s success. The Bank is committed to providing employees with a safe and secure working environment to enhance their level of satisfaction, engagement, loyalty, and commitment. As a commitment to our employees, CIB will continue to focus on linking competencies to performance management at all levels to support employee development plans and link them to more personalized training needs.

Digital Disruption

Speeding-up the adoption of digital technologies and changing the way we do business was crucial to overcoming the effect of the pandemic. CIB accelerated its digital transformation, with efforts focused on laying the foundation for the “Bank of the Future”, which includes robotic process automation, operations centralization, service digitalization, and channel enhancements. CIB will continue to digitize its internal processes to lower cost-to-serve and turn-around time, while adopting an agile culture for faster execution and flexibility. This will not only improve customer experience but also result in productivity gains and cost optimization.

Developing its digital capabilities to encourage financial inclusion, offering tailor-made products and services through appropriate distribution channels, and building a bank-wide culture of agility will allow the Bank to maximize customer value.

CIB will continue to strengthen its security controls and build a resilient cyber security environment to better face incumbent risks. The use of data analytics will also help identify emerging risks and allow the Bank to take better preventative measures.

Geographical Expansion

To become a regional financial services provider and diversify its operations, balance sheet structure, and sources of income, CIB continues to view Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly East Africa, as a key market opportunity for its cross-border expansion. The region houses some of the world’s fastest growing economies, and its geographical location, historic and cultural ties with Egypt, and macroeconomic potential poise it for significant opportunity. Since entering the region in 2017, it has been a key platform for growth for CIB and an opportunity to replicate the strides taken toward digital transformation and financial inclusion in its home market.

CIB continues to position itself as a business hub for Egypt and East Africa, with a focus on both corporates and SMEs. CIB’s expansion plan will capitalize on its investment in digital platforms, allowing for faster penetration and easier setup with minimum effort and negligible operational cost. CIB will continue to assess potential markets and suitable entry methods for each while considering an asset-light strategy that will complement its Africa expansion aspirations.