As Egypt’s leading private sector bank, CIB strives to create a positive impact on the local community. Accordingly, it has undertaken several initiatives to promote inclusive and sustainable development across the country, as well as to provide support to underserved segments of the community through the Bank’s corporate social responsibility program, the CIB Foundation, and its dedication to supporting Egyptian squash champions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

This year, CIB implemented various CSR projects and supported initiatives carried out by other organizations. The Bank diversified its community development activities by expanding its scope to include sports, culture, and social welfare. Believing that healthcare is integral to community growth, it was necessary to support different initiatives, not only in Egypt but also in Africa, over the last two years. At the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, CIB donated EGP 45 million to support the national vaccine drive, and another EGP 25 million was directed toward the local production of the vaccine.

In collaboration with eight other banks under the auspices of the Federation of Egyptian Banks (FEB), CIB supported the Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities’ project to build 55 housing units for high-achieving Egyptian students—a project budgeted at EGP 930,000.

In collaboration with the CBE and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, CIB participated in the national ‘Old Car Conversion and Replacement’ initiative, with a total budget of EGP 2 million, which allows citizens to acquire a new car at prices proportionate with their income level and replaces older diesel-fueled cars with ones running on cleaner natural gas. On the sports and community side, CIB dedicated EGP 8 million to revamping the Aswan Sports Training Center to support talented athletes across the country, an initiative managed by FEB in coordination with CBE and led by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

On the health front, CIB dedicated EGP 4 million to supporting the new Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation, Adult Outpatient Department. As the current Aswan Heart Centre has been stretched beyond capacity and is unable to meet the needs and demands for cardiovascular treatment with its current resources, the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation developed the Magdi Yacoub Global Heart Centre (MYGHC) in Cairo. The new center will build on the Aswan Heart Centre’s legacy of excellence, while tripling the scale of operations and capacity to reach patients in the MENA region, GCC, and Africa and become a regional focal point for innovation.

Social Activities


Since the founding of their partnership in 2013, CIB has organized several annual trips to KidZania for underprivileged and special needs children, as well as children with health conditions. The trips provided children with a fun setting in which they learned about different banking operations, such as debit cards, issuing cheques, and depositing and withdrawing money using KidZania’s official currency, Kidzos.

Autism International Day/ADVANCE

TThe Bank continued its sponsorship of the Egyptian Advance Society for Persons with Autism and Other Disabilities (ADVANCE). A number of activities took place in April, including a media campaign to increase awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), as well as highlighting Autism Awareness Week in schools and workplaces from 29 March to 4 April 2021. Other initiatives included organizing a hybrid conference to celebrate World Autism Awareness day at the Ministry of Social Solidarity on 1 April 2021; organizing an art exhibition in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture at the Cairo Opera House from 7 to 12 April 2021 under the theme of ‘Baladna Ya Helwa’ (Our Lovely Country); and lighting some CIB branches in blue on International Autism Day.


Beena, an agreement signed between CIB and the Ministry of Social Solidarity, encourages active youth participation in the community and monitors the development of social care services. The Bank has been Beena’s main partner and financial sponsor for five consecutive years, and while the agreement ended on June 2021, the initiative successfully attracted thousands of young people across Egypt who volunteered with orphans, senior citizens, and individuals with special needs.

Every Child Deserves to Smile

2021 witnessed the launch of Every Child Deserves to Smile, where CIB brought joy to children this Eid holiday with two donation boxes at two of CIB’s headquarters (El Giza and Smart Village). CIB employees spread the joy by donating toys and clothes to children in need, with over 1,000 pieces of clothing and toys donated.

Supporting Squash: Best Bank – Best Players

In 2021, CIB continued to positively impact local communities by strengthening the support for sports in Egypt, as well as nurturing the country’s athletic talents. Squash-related initiatives were again at the core of CIB’s CSR agenda, and we broadened our support to generate more opportunities and value for a wider community.

At CIB, we recognized early on the true potential of Egypt’s squash players, who are not only dominating world rankings but are also completely revolutionizing how the game is played. This year, we extended our support of the sport to capitalize on the traction its players are carrying out globally. We believe that through supporting these talents, more opportunities are generated for Egypt’s athletic community and more opportunities are presented to raise Egypt’s ranking on the global arena.

Egyptian squash players have entertained worldwide spectators and brought home trophies due to their innovative techniques, and Egypt has produced five number ones in the men’s game and three in the women’s game in global competitions. As of December 2021, seven Egyptian men and six Egyptian women have made it to their respective world top 10 players list.

The country’s dominant position in the game stems from a tight-knit squash community, which embodies the values that CIB strives to instill in its own staff and promote to the wider Egyptian community.

Squash Tournaments

CIB has expanded its squash-related sponsorships to allow for more Egyptian athletes to progress in the PSA world rankings by sponsoring the World’s PSA Platinum CIB PSA BlackBall Squash Open 2021 to support our Egyptian stars in one of the most successful international tournaments. CIB, in cooperation with the Karim Darwish Academy, is bringing to Egypt the PSA World Tour Finals for the third consecutive year at the Park, Mall of Arabia, and is thrilled to sponsor the first ever World’s PSA Platinum El Gouna International Squash Open 2021. The most notable sponsorship in 2021 was the CIB Egyptian Squash Open Women’s and Men’s Platinum, which took place for the third consecutive year by the Great Pyramids of Giza and brought together 96 athletes for a total prize of USD 540,000. The tournament made significant tides in both the local and global sporting arenas.

Sponsoring the Egyptian Squash Federation

CIB maintained its sponsorship of the Egyptian Squash Federation for the tenth consecutive year. The Bank also expanded its commitment by providing a series of Four Challenger Tour category tournaments to support young talents to improve their performance and rankings.

Currently, Egyptian players hold the Men’s World Team Championship, the Women’s World Team Championship, and the Juniors’ World Team Championship titles.

Sponsoring Egyptian Athletes

In support of young players leading the world’s squash rankings, CIB has tailored special sponsorships to help eleven talented players maintain their rankings and continue representing the country around the world. As of December 2021, the following players were recipients of the sponsorships:

  • Ali Farag: #1on the Men’s PSA World Squash List — Since graduating from Harvard University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2014, Egypt’s Ali Farag has established himself as one of the most popular players on the PSA World Tour.

  • Karim Abdel Gawad: #10 on the Men’s PSA World Squash List — Giza-born Karim Abdel Gawad has firmly established himself as one of the world’s leading players after a breakthrough start to the 201617 season. He won the first PSA World Tour event that he participated in, the 2008 Goshen Cup, at the tender age of seventeen and has gone on to rise up the rankings since his maiden title.

  • Tarek Momen: #4 on the Men’s PSA World Squash List — Tarek Momen graduated with a BA in electronic engineering from the American University of Cairo before fully committing himself to the sport of squash, where he has gone on to become one of the best players of the generation.

  • Hania El-Hammamy: #4 on the Women’s PSA World Squash List — Hania El Hammamy has already made her name in the squash world, becoming the PSA World Tour’s most recent first-time major winner, after winning the 2020 CIB Black Ball Women’s Squash Open at the tender age of 19. After starring at a number of junior events, such as the British Junior Open, El Hammamy became the first person born this century to win a PSA World Tour title, which came at the 42nd Geneva Open in March 2015.

  • Mohamed Abouelghar: #13 on the Men’s PSA World Squash List — Mohamed Abouelghar joined the PSA World Tour in 2009 and lifted his first title at the Royal Jordanian Squash Open in 2010, before going on to become in and around the top 10 of the World Rankings.

  • Marwan ElShorbagy: #7 on the Men’s PSA World Squash List — Marwan ElShorbagy is one of only four players to win the World Junior Championships and he has built on his performances in the PSA World Tour. ElShorbagy shot to prominence by securing the under-17 British Junior Open and winning the under-19 event in 2012.

  • Salma Hany: #8 on the Women’s PSA World Squash List — Salma Hany gained many admirers in 2012 and 2013 for a number of impressive performances as she captured three tour titles over that period.

  • Fares Dessouky: #9 on the Men’s PSA World Squash List — Fares Dessouky has enjoyed a meteoric rise up the PSA World Rankings in recent years. Dessouky turned professional in 2011 and amassed his first PSA World Tour title at the NSA Open.

  • Rowan El Araby: #10 on the Women’s PSA World Squash List — Rowan El Araby joined the PSA World Tour in 2016 and went on to lift her maiden PSA World Tour title at the first time of asking at the age of 15. El Araby then won her second tournament when she lifted the Keith Grainger Memorial UCT Squash Open to claim back-to-back titles.

  • Farida Mohamed: #27 on the Women’s PSA World Squash List — Farida Mohamed has made her way into the top 50 in the World Rankings as in her first appearance on tour, Mohamed took victory winning the Growthpoint S.A. Open.

  • Nourel Tayeb: #9 on the Women’s PSA World Squash List – Nour is one of the most consistent female players on the PSA World Tour and a flamboyant crowd favourite, known for her acrobatic diving abilities.

Partnership with Wadi Degla Clubs’ Darwish Squash Academy

CIB continued its partnership with Wadi Degla Clubs to support young Egyptian squash athletes by developing their skills and enhancing their international rankings. The partnership is part of the Bank’s strategy to support up-and-coming talents from the ground up. CIB sponsors Wadi Degla athletes Nouran Gohar, Ali Farag, Hania El Hamamy, Rowan El Araby, and Karim Abdel Gawad.

Nouran Gohar, #2 on the Women’s PSA World Squash List — nicknamed ‘the Terminator’, took over the World #1 spot in July 2020. She lifted her first tour title at the Prague Open in December 2013 where she played at just 16 years of age.


CIB Foundation is dedicated to improving healthcare and nutrition services extended to children of underprivileged families with limited access to quality healthcare. Its efforts include not only donations, but also the monitoring of projects’ impact. In addition to the direct donations made to its fundraising account, the Bank supports the CIB Foundation with 1.5% of its annual net profit. With a vision to ease the burden on families in need, the CIB Foundation works with private, public, and non-governmental healthcare providers that offer free-of-charge services to ensure the widest community reach and to maximize the value of its work through achieving positive and sustainable results.

New Projects

57357 Fighters

Maintaining the longstanding partnership between 57357 and CIB Foundation, and to cover the increases in the cost of treatment, CIB Foundation allocated a fund amounting to EGP 30 million to be utilized in supporting the annual diagnosis and treatment costs provided by the hospital, such as conducting medical tests, examinations, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, etc. This fund served 7,000 children in 2021. The full amount was disbursed in 2021.

Furthermore, the foundation also allocated EGP 4 million to fund key activities for the hospital’s Cairo and Tanta branches, including pathology, blood banks, radiology laboratories, medication, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, and supplies. The total amount was disbursed in 2021

One Heart

CIB Foundation allocated EGP 24.46 million to fund NICU and PICU with new state-of-art equipment. Since its inauguration, Al Nas Hospital, managed by Al Joud Foundation, has been a strategic partner for the CIB Foundation; the hospital operates in line with international standards, and the two units will serve approximately 2,000 children annually and offer their services free of charge to underprivileged communities.

A Warmer Winter

Building on the fruitful and continuous cooperation between the CIB Foundation and Egyptian Clothing Bank, the Board approved a budget of EGP 12.6 million to fund the eighth round of collaboration, which seeks to supply children across all 27 governorates with warm clothing during the winter months. The funding and manufacturing of 70,000 winter training suits and 70,000 pair of shoes will be distributed among children in underprivileged areas across the country. The full amount was disbursed during 2021.

A Step for Life

The Board approved EGP 12.8 million in January 2021 to establish a specialized center for psychological, physiological, and social rehabilitation of children with disabilities in Beni Suef University to integrate them into society, in collaboration with the Awad Charity Foundation. The Outfitting of Rehabilitation Center will include a pediatric rehabilitation unit, a psychomotor room, and an electromyography unit, which are expected to serve 20,000 children annually.

Faculty of Medicine – Al-Azhar University in Assuit: Establishing the Cochlear Implant Unit

The CIB Foundation allocated EGP 5 million to establish a cochlear implant unit at the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Azhar University in Assuit, since the cases that require this type of surgeries are on the rise. In certain cases, hearing aids do not achieve any results for children with hearing impairment, and the only solution to prevent hearing loss is to perform a cochlear implant surgery. This unit is expected to serve 500 children annually.

Little Smiles

The CIB Foundation allocated a budget of EGP 3.35 million to establish a general anesthesia unit in the Faculty of Dentistry in Beni Suef University. In the dental field, it is difficult to operate using only local anesthesia on children and toddlers; it is even harder when the patients are of special needs. Therefore, this necessitates that pediatric dentistry clinics have a general anesthesia unit. The project is expected to serve 1,000 children annually.

Superstars are Born from Scars

The Board allocated EGP 32.78 million to fund its third collaboration with the Ahl Masr Foundation needed for outfitting the pediatric floor in Ahl Masr Trauma and Burn Hospital. This collaboration comes in response to a severe shortage in medical care for burn victims across Egypt. It is expected to serve around 3,500 children annually.

Children Without Risk

Building on the successful collaboration with the Garden City Cosmopolitan Lions Club, the Board approved EGP 7.5 million to establish a fully equipped open-heart surgery room for children in Mabara El Maadi Hospital. It will provide health care to children with congenital heart defects and those who suffer from heart complications. This project is expected to serve approximately 720 children each year.

Our Kids Our Future

The Board approved the allocation of EGP 7.69 million to fund a project in partnership with Ibrahim A. Badran Foundation. 48 convoys will take place in underprivileged areas in Beni Suef, led by a team of qualified doctors to offer examination and treatment to the children in schools and health centers in the area. The project aims to serve 65,000 children annually. A total amount of EGP 3.85 million was disbursed during 2021.

Golden Smile

The Foundation granted Suez Canal University Hospital EGP 1.8 million to purchase an outfitted mobile dental clinic. It will be able to reach children living in the poverty-stricken areas in orphanages and children with special needs. The Mobile Dental clinic includes a Mobile Clinic (Vehicle), Medical Equipment (Dental Unit, Autoclave, X-Ray machine, and more) as well as Non-Medical Equipment (Air Conditioner, Cabinet, Mini Bar Fridge, and more). It serves 600 children annually.

Healing Hands

The CIB Foundation allocated a budget of EGP 290,000 to fund the purchase of an ECG stress test system in Cairo University Hospitals. The system will enable the medical team to better assess the situation of patients and set the appropriate treatment plan; this will help better diagnose and treat children with birth defects, valve diseases, cardiomyopathy, and pulmonary artery hypertension. It will serve 1,500 children annually.

Their Care…Our Responsibility

As a part of CIB Foundation’s longstanding partnership with Yahiya Arafa Children’s Charity Foundation, the Board approved an allocation of EGP 5 million to fund the annual operating costs of Ain Shams University Hospital’s pediatric congenital heart defect unit, pediatric heart surgery unit, women and obstetrics hospital’s neonatal unit, children’s hospital’s pediatric surgery unit, and the children’s hospital’s neonatal unit, which will serve 14,500 children annually. The full amount was disbursed in 2021.

Strong Hearts…Stronger Future

The Aswan Heart Center

Building on the longstanding partnership between Magdi Yacoub Foundation and CIB Foundation, the Board allocated EGP 30 million to fund 200 open heart surgeries, to be performed in the Aswan Heart Center, and to purchase 345 catheterization lab consumables. A total of EGP 15 million was disbursed this year.

The New Global Heart Centre in Cairo

According to the data from Aswan Heart Centre (AHC), the center performs around 4,000 surgical and cardiac procedures (2,400 children) annually under international standards. However, due to the ever-increasing demand, AHC is able to address only a small number of all the complex and critical cases. To improve access to care and meet the demand for cardiac care within Egypt, Magdi Yacoub Foundation’s board has decided to establish the Magdi Yacoub Global Heart Centre in Cairo (MYGHC). The facilities in the new center will enable the medical teams to treat up to 12,000 patients per year, a three-fold increase on their current capacity. CIB Foundation sponsored EGP 35 million over three years to establish a pediatric catheterization lab that allows doctors to perform minimally invasive tests and procedures on patients with various heart conditions. The catheterization lab dedicated to the treatment of pediatric patients will see around 960 children per year.

The Dream of the South

The CIB Foundation allocated a total budget of EGP 9.2 million to fund the outfitting of the pediatric neurosurgery department at Aswan University Hospital aiming to establish a center of excellence in Upper Egypt by establishing inpatient care, an intermediate care unit and ICU, which will serve 800 children annually. A total amount of EGP 4.34 million was disbursed during 2021.

Our Differences…Our Strength

In line with the Foundation’s commitment to supporting children with special needs, CIB Foundation allocated a budget of EGP 1 million to the National Foundation for Family and Community Development to outfit the sensory, psychomotor, and occupational therapy rooms in the Asmarat Center to improve the sensory and motor skills of disabled children, especially children with autism, which is expected to serve 250 children annually.

Heal a Child…Change the World

The CIB Foundation allocated a total budget of EGP 2.17 million to support the annual operating costs for two residence facility shelters, October and Imbaba, operated and supervised by Abnaa Al Ghad Foundation – Banati. The two shelters provide various types of protection and support for children at risk, including children who spend most of their time in the streets and children deprived of family care, which will serve approximately 200 children annually. In 2021, a total amount of EGP 622,000 was disbursed.

Our Children’s Health

Under the umbrella of the presidential initiative Hayah Karima, launched to support Egyptian children’s physical and mental health, this initiative aims to raise the level of knowledge and awareness to enable Egyptian children to become well-capable citizens in the future. CIB Foundation allocated EGP 10.91 million to fund the operating costs of medical convoys that will reach poverty-stricken areas in Al-Waqf, Qena Governorate, in 27 elementary schools and 15 middle schools. These medical convoys will provide comprehensive medical services to those underprivileged children in many fields, such as ophthalmology, general pediatrics, anemia and stunting, diabetes and others. The convoys will also provide the necessary medications, tests, and surgeries if needed. The full amount was disbursed in 2021.

Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) Patients—Yasmin El Samra Foundation

Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is a genetic rare skin disease caused by the absence of VII collagen that attaches the skin layers together. This disease causes the skin to be fragile and contain blisters. The exact prevalence of (EB) is estimated to affect 1 in 40,000 people. In this regard, CIB Foundation allocated EGP 1 million to support the remedy of EB patients.

Ongoing Projects

Children’s Right to Sight Program

CIB Foundation allocated EGP 1 million to cover 177 surgeries as part of the Children’s Right to Sight (CRTS) program, in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Kasr El Nile, to help eradicate the causes of blindness in children and infants. The project was completed, and a total amount of EGP 0.93 million was disbursed in 2021.

Strong Hearts…Stronger Future

Building on the longstanding partnership between Magdi Yacoub Foundation and the CIB Foundation, the Foundation allocated EGP 20 million to fund 100 pediatric open-heart surgeries and purchase catherization lab consumables for 350 children. A total amount of EGP 5 million was disbursed in 2021.

Their Care…Our Responsibility

As part of the Foundation’s longstanding partnership with the Yahiya Arafa Children’s Charity Foundation, the Board allocated EGP 6 million to fund the annual operating costs of five pediatric units in the Ain Shams University Hospital, supervised and managed by the Yahiya Arafa Children’s Charity Foundation. The units are a congenital heart defect unit, pediatric heart surgery unit, women’s obstetrics hospital’s neonatal unit, children’s hospital’s pediatric surgery unit, and the children’s hospital’s neonatal unit. The Board also allocated EGP 3 million for equipping the units, which will serve around 14.5 thousand children annually. The amount disbursed during 2021 is EGP 0.65 million.

57357 Fighters

On the grounds of its longstanding partnership with the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357, the Foundation allocated EGP 30 million to establish the Digital Pathology Lab at the hospital. The Lab will use computer-based technology to generate information from digitized specimen slides.

The specimen glass slides (conventional) are converted into digital slides that can be electronically shared and analyzed using a computer software. This piece of technology will increase diagnosis efficiency by rendering faster results and reducing human error. The automated lab is expected to benefit approximately 7,000 children annually. A total amount of EGP 27.07 million was disbursed in 2021.

Children Without Virus C Program

In collaboration with the Egyptian Liver Care Society, the Foundation dedicated over EGP 5.1 million to fund the Children Without Hepatitis C program. The fund covers medications, blood tests, x-rays, medical staff training (doctors and nurses), and awareness sessions for infected children and their families. In 2021, a total amount of EGP 325,000 was disbursed.

Strong Teeth…Better Health

CIB Foundation allocated EGP 90,000 to support the operating expenses of the Maxillofacial Unit, which provides treatment for children across the country and is one of the few providers of specialized procedures. Before the center’s establishment, children were treated in the general prosthodontics area with adults. In 2021, a total amount of EGP 45,000 was disbursed.

For a Better Life

Building on its longstanding partnership with the MOVE Foundation, the Board approved EGP 1.39 million to cover 50% of the annual operating costs of the Foundation. The operating costs will enable MOVE Foundation to provide free services to 100 children in need. The annual operating costs cover staff salaries, maintenance work, children’s transportation, stationery expenses, as well as utility bills. During 2021, a total amount of EGP 1.35 million was disbursed.

Healthy Children

In 2019, the Board allocated EGP 3.38 million to launch two mobile clinics providing comprehensive medical services, including pediatrics, ophthalmology, and internal medicine to children in remote areas of Upper Egypt in collaboration with Raie Misr Foundation. The clinics will provide the children with checkups and medical referrals for specialized cases and medication. The clinics are expected to examine more than 96,000 children each year. In 2021, a total of EGP 1.13 million was disbursed.

Gift of Life

In light of the successful collaboration between CIB Foundation, Rotary Club of Giza Metropolitan, and El Kasr El Eini Hospital, the CIB Foundation allocated EGP 4.5 million to fund the third round of 100 open-heart surgeries to be performed in El Kasr El Eini Hospital to reduce the number of children on the waiting lists and alleviate some of the financial burden on the hospital. During 2021, CIB Foundation disbursed EGP 644,000.

Our Differences…Our strength

In line with the Foundation’s commitment to support children with special needs, CIB Foundation allocated a budget of EGP 6.87 million to establish clinics; rehabilitation centers for cerebral palsy; and audio and mental measurement in five rehabilitation centers in Cairo, Giza, and Helwan under the umbrella of The National Foundation for Family and Community Development. This project is expected to serve approximately 1,000 children annually. EGP 3.55 million were disbursed during 2021.

Healing Hands

The Foundation allocated EGP 11.6 million to equip Cairo University Hospitals with a state-of-the-art CT Scanner (128-slices) to detect congenital defects and tumors in the nervous, motor, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems, along with examinations of heart arteries. The device is expected to provide scans for 6,000 children each year. A total amount of EGP 5.24 million was disbursed during 2021.

For a Better Childhood

The Board approved a budget of EGP 1.91 million to fund 50% of the annual operating costs of the pediatric and neonatal ICU sections of Benha University hospital, which were outfitted though a fund from CIB Foundation. The two units serve about 3,500 children in Qalyubia region annually. This fund will ensure the project’s sustainability and maintain the highest level of service provided to the children in both units. A total amount of EGP 477,000 was disbursed this year.

One Heart

CIB Foundation allocated EGP 10 million to cover 100 pediatric open-heart surgeries to reduce the number of children on the waiting lists and relief some of the financial burdens of the hospital. The hospital, which is managed and operated by Al Joud Foundation, is located in Shubra El Kheima and operates in line with international standards. The hospital offers its services free of charge to underprivileged children. During 2021, a total amount of EGP 5 million was disbursed.

Children Without Risk

The Board approved EGP 3.95 million to outfit a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Mabara El Maadi Hospital in collaboration with Lions Club Garden City. The Club financed the construction and fishing works of the unit and the Foundation will outfit the unit with the latest medical equipment. A total amount of EGP 3.94 million was disbursed in 2021.

We Can Live Together

In collaboration with the True Light Society Association, which seeks to integrate children with visual disabilities into society, the Foundation allocated EGP 1.23 million to fund the project. The project’s integration aims to culturally and athletically assist visually impaired children in their general life needs and to incorporate visually impaired children into the public schooling system. Equipment provided by the Foundation include Braille typewriters and books, visual assistants, school supplies, and others. Training programs are also made available for the children and their parents. This project will benefit 470 children with visual impairments. During 2021, a total amount of EGP 267,000 was disbursed.

A Journey of Hope

In collaboration with Nile of Hope Foundation and in the pursuit of establishing a center of excellence in the greater Alexandria region to treat children with congenital defects, CIB Foundation participated in establishing a pediatric radiology department in the hospital by purchasing a Closed MRI Machine (1.5T) with a total of EGP 20.30 million. The MRI will assist in detecting and inspecting children congenital anomalies syndrome, structural or functional defects present at birth that may lead to physical or mental disabilities. This project is expected to scan approximately 4,000 children annually. A total amount of EGP 8.11 million was disbursed during 2021.

A Vision to the Future

In April 2019, The Board approved a budget of EGP 4.63 million to outfit the pediatric ophthalmic clinic at Alexandria University Hospital, considered to be a center of excellence that serves underprivileged families in the Alexandria and Delta regions. This initiative is expected to benefit 8,750 children each year. A total amount of EGP 157,000 were disbursed in 2021.

A Journey of Healing

The Foundation Board allocated EGP 11.77 million in April 2020 to outfit the pediatric department in the Shifaa Al-Orman Hospital in Luxor. The new department allows children to obtain the required chemotherapy and radiotherapy without the need to travel long distances, considering there are a few specialized centers in treating children with cancer in Upper Egypt (in most cases, children have to travel to Cairo). The travelling does not only constitute a great health hazard on the patient but also places a great financial burden on the families. The pediatric department is expected to serve around 900 children annually. A total amount of EGP 9.33 million was disbursed in 2021.

Going Miles for Their Smiles

As part of CIB Foundation’s mandate to support the children in need, the Board allocated EGP 1.85 million to support the annual operating costs to FACE for Children in Need to cover a part of their medical services and care provided to orphans in Maadi Home, which hosts 50 children. In 2021, a total amount of EGP 463,000 was disbursed.

Our Children’s Health is Priceless

In 2019, the Board allocated EGP 14.75 million to establish a pediatric surgery unit at the South Valley University Hospital, which serves many governorates in Upper Egypt and the Red Sea. The unit will be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including a surgical theater, a pediatric ward (eight beds), an ICU (two beds), and a diagnostic unit. The hospital, one of a few in the region, will work to minimize the risk of traveling for critically ill patients and to increase the capacity of the Emergency and Accidents Department to operate on 600 children instead of 150 each year. During 2021, a total amount of EGP 14.65 million was disbursed.

The Right to Live Upright

In collaboration with Assuit University Hospital, CIB Foundation will fund establishing a specialized center in treating children with spine problems and deformities.

CIB Foundation allocated EGP 4.48 million to purchase surgical equipment to perform the complex and minimally invasive surgical procedures with the highest quality and precision. This unit will enable the hospital to serve 104 children annually. The full amount of EGP 2.7 million was disbursed in 2021.

Touch of hope

Building on the previous successful collaboration between CIB Foundation and Sporting Students Hospital, the Foundation allocated EGP 4.1 million to establish an advanced pediatric cardiac operating room with the capsule system. Through this operating room, it is expected that the hospital operates on 288 children annually while ensuring the highest levels of sterilization and hygiene. In addition, the capsule operating room will enable the hospital to perform minimally invasive and highly advanced surgeries with the utmost accuracy according to international standards. This project will contribute to decreasing the number of children on the waiting lists for pediatric cardiac surgeries.

For a Better Eye Sight

The Board allocated EGP 3.07 million to support the establishment of a specialized pediatric eyes center in the Memorial Institute for Ophthalmic Research, Giza. The fund will be directed to outfit the outpatient clinics and will work to help eradicate the causes of blindness in children and infants. Additionally, the outpatient clinics in the Pediatric Eyes Center enable the Institute to provide specialized services tailored for children, as they are currently diagnosed and treated with adults. The specialized center will be able to extend its services to more children from Giza suburban areas, Upper Egypt, and the Delta region. The expected number to benefit from this project is 12,000 children per year.

Kidney Care and Cures

In April 2019, The Board allocated EGP 16 million to expand and outfit Sohag University Hospital’s pediatric dialysis unit. As the largest unit serving children with kidney diseases in Upper Egypt, there was a pressing need for the hospital to expand. The new dialysis unit features an ICU, a plasma separation room, 16 new dialysis machines, and a central delivery system that will lower infection rates. It is expected to serve approximately 5,000 children each year.

A Bridge of Knowledge

The Foundation will fund a five-year education and training program for 150 staff members of the Ain Shams clinical team—including doctors, nurses, and technicians—in partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH) in London. This initiative follows the upgrade of the hospital’s facilities and equipment in line with international standards.

Following the program, Ain Shams University Children’s Hospital is expected to double its capacity and serve an additional 67,000 children each year, along with enhancing its overall level of care.

GOSH is an international center of excellence in pediatric care, globally recognized as one of the few world-class hospitals for children suffering from rare, complex, or multiple conditions. The emphasis on education and training is key to the delivery of improved patient outcomes. GOSH trains more pediatric specialist doctors than any other center in Europe and has Europe’s largest pediatric nurse education program. It will work with Ain Shams University Children’s Hospital to deliver bespoke education and training, with a specific focus on pediatric/neonatal intensive care and hematology/oncology.

Kids on Wheels

In line with the Foundation’s commitment to supporting children with special needs, the Board allocated EGP 4 million in April 2019 to provide 100 children with wheelchairs, in cooperation with the Al-Hassan Foundation for Differently Abled Inclusion. These wheelchairs, designed for permanent users, are tailor-made in Germany based on each child’s needs. Each wheelchair can serve the child for five years, after which the Foundation may redistribute to other children or make use of the chairs as spare parts. The project was completed in 2021, and a total of EGP 1 million was disbursed.

Super Smile

CIB Foundation allocated EGP 1.25 million to fund 50 cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries to be performed in Ain Shams University Hospitals. Rotary District 2451 has noticed during their medical convoys that this congenital/birth defect is evident in Upper Egypt. Since these defects affect the child’s appearance and constitute speech difficulties, these defects hinder children from living a normal life.

New Children’s Hospital in Alexandria

In 2020, CIB Foundation approved EGP 60 million to outfit of The New Children’s Hospital in Alexandria. The hospital is expected to serve around 1,200 children annually during the first phase, reaching its full capacity (3,600 children annually) after two years. The fund was allocated to purchase medical equipment and medical furniture, as well as to finance the medical finishing and electro-mechanical works for the following units and areas: emergency rooms, two surgical theatres, anesthesia and recovery rooms, five pediatric cardiac care units, reception, waiting areas and service, a catheterization lab, 20 inpatient rooms, 16 neonatal ICUs, and 10 pediatric ICUs. The project will have a direct impact on reducing the mortality rates of newborns, infants, and children in the Greater Alexandria region and its surrounding governorates. The full amount was disbursed.